Our Services

Nurse Practitioners

Our Nurse Practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses. They are trained to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease, formulate and prescribe treatment plans. We are proud to have very capable Nurse Practitioners who deliver emergency, primary and acute care to patients as needed. Some specialties are paediatric care, geriatrics, hospitals, managed care facilities, family practice, private care, emergency room care, and much more.  They prioritize providing exceptional service to their patients.

Mental Health Nurses

The role of Registered Mental Health Nurses is to  promote and support a person’s mental recovery, helping them to live independently. They build effective relationships with people who use mental health services, and also with their relatives and carers.  Our Mental Health Nurses are normally deployed in hospitals, or in the community where they work in a community health centre or in someone’s home, working closely with GPs, psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, arts therapists and healthcare assistants.

General Nurses

Our Registered General Nurses have  years of experience in the healthcare industry, empowering them with an understanding of what is expected from them, as well as knowing how valuable all our clients are, regardless of size. Our team of nurses work mainly in hospitals, assisted living facilities, homes, clinics, schools, and a lot more. They work with the highest integrity. They support care and nursing homes, community care providers, hospices, and supported living & working environments in the areas we offer our services.

Supported Living

Supported living is a service that helps people with a range of support needs retain their independence whilst still having the extra physical and emotional support needed to lead completely fulfilled lives in their own homes. Supported living services include suitable accommodation (like your own home or shared rooms) and personal care. Staff visit your home, to help you get out of bed, go out to college or work, and do simple tasks such as shopping, housework and repairs etc.

Healthcare Assistants

Caring is at the heart of everything that our Healthcare Assistants and Support Staff do. They are our angels. They are naturally caring, and deliver exceptional care to all our patients and clients. They communicate well and have excellent interpersonal skills. Our Healthcare Assistants also know how to handle stressful situations with skill and confidence. They understand the importance of working within the support network of the patient to ensure that all patient needs are met.

Recruitment Services

We work hard to fulfil all placements that come our way. Along with a dedicated booking team, we offer staffing and recruitment opportunities for nurses and care assistants. We work with skilled and experienced teams who are committed to providing top-notch care in all the communities that we work in. We do background checks, qualification and reference checks. We go the extra mile to match the right healthcare professional or support staff with the right client. We try to find that perfect fit.