Pfizer starts late-stage clinical trials Lyme disease vaccine
A new Lyme disease could be available in the U.S. as early as 2025, as Pfizer has launched final clinical trials for its jab, VLA15. The company is aiming to apply for FDA approval in 2025.
Langya virus: Warning as brand new virus is detected in China
A new virus that may have been passed on from a shrew has been spotted in 35 people in China. The Langya virus belongs to a family of pathogens that are known to kill up to 75 per cent of humans.
US records record 1,424 new monkeypox cases on Monday
The United States logged 1,424 new monkeypox cases on Monday, the highest single day total of the outbreak yet, just as colleges return to school in the coming weeks.
How your personality type may predict how you perform in bed
Men with a type 'D' personality - who are shy and pessimistic - were more likely to suffer erectile dysfunction. A fifth of Brits and Americans have this personality type.
Dietitian, 26, who specialises in eating disorders shares five things parents should never do
Kate Regan, 26, from Pennsylvania, said eating disorders can be triggered at a young age and parents can inadvertently cause children to develop unhealthy food relationships.
NHS to launch ‘Super September’ to cut down backlogs in time for winter
The plan, dubbed 'Super September' by health chiefs in England, will see those who have been in the queue the longest prioritised for appointments.
Lose a STONE in three months by eating all your meals between 7am and 3pm, says study
Obese adults who ate within an eight-hour window lost 14lbs (6.3kg) in 14 weeks, compared to 9lbs (4kg) in a control group who ate when they wanted. The study was done by Alabama experts.
Should YOU be taking vitamin supplements? Try MailOnline’s guide
Health chiefs advise everyone in the UK to take certain vitamin supplements, while some groups need to take vitamins in specific doses and at different points of life.
‘Girls’ and ‘women’ omitted from NHS guidance on periods
A website set up by NHS Wales to give advice about menstruation refers to females as 'people who bleed' and 'half of the population'. It has reignited a row about women being erased from health advice.
Six in ten stroke patients waiting dangerously long times to be seen, study shows
Six in ten stroke patients face dangerously long waits to be seen in a specialist unit, a study found. Just 38.3 per cent were admitted within the recommended four hours of arriving in A&E.