Millions of ‘shielders’ could be asked to stop treatment for two weeks after getting booster jabs
The Nottingham University-led study found people who paused treatment after their third booster had twice antibody response 12 weeks after as those who didn't.
Victims suffered from ‘bad luck’, John Major tells inquiry into scandal that left 30,000 with HIV
Sir John was speaking at a hearing of the Infected Blood Inquiry, which is looking into the infection of up to 30,000 people with HIV or hepatitis C from contaminated blood.
People care more about POT HOLES than heart failure – despite disease killing as many as dementia
Lancaster University researchers studied more than 2billion words from books and parliamentary speeches. They found that potholes were mentioned 37 times more often than 'heart failure'.
The common mistakes that mean trendy batch-cooking can leave you with an upset tummy
PETER KNIGHT: Within four hours of devouring a second helping of my home-cooked Ottolenghi recipe for tuna and cheese pasta bake, my creation was rapidly evacuating my body.
Are women’s lives at risk from drugs tested by men?
Hormone fluctuations throughout adulthood have also been cited historically as a reason for excluding women, as scientists argue this makes women more difficult to study.
Brave youngsters whose lives were saved by a hi-tech heart in a box
These four youngsters are alive today largely thanks to ground-breaking technology - the 'heart in a box', or the organ care system - which allowed them to undergo life-saving heart transplants.
Experts warn that monkeypox is mutating at 12 times the expected rate
The current strain of the monkeypox virus circulating around the world is mutating at a pace faster than expected.
Gut health guru Dr MEGAN ROSSI on strategies to think about when dealing with constipation
Dr MEGAN ROSSI: It's a problem that affects millions of us which can be really debilitating - and it's one of the most common reasons people see their GP.
Sajid Javid announces ‘once in a lifetime reform’ to protect autistic people
The Government's draft Mental Health bill proposes people can no longer be detained under the Mental Health Act purely because they have autism or learning difficulties.
Researchers say switching between healthy and unhealthy foods increases the risk of diabetes
Constant change between a low-calorie and high-calorie diet can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes, a new study finds.