Shingrix vaccine with 90% effectiveness set to be offered to over-70s in the UK
The highly effective new vaccine Shingrix could cut the risk of infection by more than 90 per cent. In 2018, presenter Eamonn Holmes revealed he had shingles and was forced to take time off from ITV.
DR ELLIE CANNON: I’ve felt dizzy for over three years. Is it Lyme disease?
DR ELLIE CANNON: It is true Lyme disease can cause neurological problems, including dizziness and feeling off-balance, but it's rare for such symptoms to be the only complaint.
Heart arrythmia patients are offered a lifeline in the form of high-energy radiotherapy blast
The treatment, called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy, or SABR, delivers intense doses of radiation to small areas inside the body, while limiting the damage to surrounding tissue.
10 simple and surprising tweaks that can make keep your teeth in tip-top shape
Dental appointments are hard to come by. From exactly when to use mouthwash, to how to stand when brushing, here's everything you need to know to save yourself a trip to the dentist.
HEALTH NOTES: Lockdown hit young women the hardest
Women in their 20s and 30s were the worst hit by mental health problems during the coronavirus lockdowns, research has found.
Pfizer opted to delay Covid vaccine in children after data showed it is INEFFECTIVE against Omicron
Early clinical trial data shows that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine intended to be used in children aged six months to five years old is not effective against the Omicron variant.
FDA issues ‘Class I’ recall of unauthorized E25Bio rapid Covid tests
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issues a Class I recall of the E25Bio rapid COVID-19 test, a product being sold without authorization from the agency.
Gov Newsom says California will move on from the pandemic phase of COVID-19 as he relaxes masks
California is set to become the first U.S. state to official declare COVID-19 an endemic, as Gov Gavin Newsom plans to soon move his state to a point where residents can safely live with the virus.
Mom who thought she had long COVID discovers she’s PREGNANT and suffering from rare condition 
Jo Anne McCusker, 36, from New Jersey, felt 'off,' and her doctor suggested she had long COVID. She was stunned when she was told she was actually pregnant and already in her second trimester.
Astronaut brains re-wire themselves during long-duration spaceflight
An international team, led by the University of Antwerp in Belgium, studied the brains of Russian cosmonauts who had been in space for an average of 172 days.