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American women gain TWICE as much weight as men every decade, study claims

Researchers at Brigham Young University found that while female put on 11.9lbs every 10 years on average, men put on just 5.7lbs.

FDA panel recommends new COVID-19 shots to target the Omicron variant

A panel of independent advisors has recommended new formulations for the COVID-19 vaccines to specifically target the Omicron variant.

CDC launches Emergency Activation Center to combat growing monkeypox outbreak

The CDC will dedicate 300 staff members to its monkeypox response as part of a new Emergency Activation Center.

Cyberbullying has a worse impact on its young teenage victims than ‘traditional’ bullying in person

Researchers found that victims of online bullying in early adolescence are more likely to report suicidal thoughts and attempts than those who have experienced bullying offline.

Marijuana users are 22% more likely to visit and emergency department

People who use marijuana are 22% more likely to require emergency medical care or hospitalization for any reason, a Canadian study finds.

Pregnant women are 44% more likely to suffer a miscarriage if they conceive during the SUMMER

Researchers behind the study tracked 6,000 pregnancies in the US. Miscarriage rates peaked in June, July and August - the traditional summer months in the Northern Hemisphere.

CVS and Rite Aid limit purchases of ‘morning after’ pills to three at a time

CVS - America's biggest pharmacy - claimed it still had enough of the pills that can prevent a pregnancy in stock, but wanted to ensure 'equitable access'.

UK’s monkeypox outbreak passes 1,000 cases as gloomy model warns of doomsday scenario

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said there had been 1,076 diagnoses as of Sunday, almost double the number a fortnight ago, in a sign the outbreak is not slowing down.

Monkeypox will become a ‘permanently entrenched’ STI in the US, Cornell expert warns

Dr Jay Varma, an epidemiologist at the Weill Cornell Medical School in New York City, said the rash-causing virus was mostly being passed on through skin-to-skin contact during sex.

FDA hopes to make next COVID-19 boosters available to Americans as early as October

The FDA is hoping the next round of COVID-19 jabs will be available to the general public as early as this October, one leading regulator said Tuesday morning.