Reliable & accessbile healthcare services. We are not just another agency. We provide a personalised service to all.

Our Services

Nurse Practitioners

We are proud to have very capable Nurse Practitioners who deliver emergency, primary and acute care to patients as needed.

Mental Health Nurses

Our Mental Health Nurses promote and support a person’s mental recovery, helping them to live independently.

General Nurses

Our team of Registered General Nurses work mainly in hospitals, assisted living facilities, homes, clinics, schools, and a lot more.

Supported Living

Supported Living is a service we provide that is designed to help people with support needs to comfortably live in their own homes.

Healthcare Assistants

Our Healthcare Assistants are our angels. They are naturally caring, and deliver exceptional care to all our patients and clients.

Recruitment Services

We work with skilled and experienced teams who are committed to providing top-notch care in all the communities that we work in.

Why us?

Respect & Compassion

The Caring World family lives by its name! Our team and Management are motivated by a vocation to care, help and listen.

Qualifications & Training

The Caring World family is made up of qualified and trained staff who are prepared to step up and provide the very best care that they can.

Professional Development

In order to keep in touch with changes in the healthcare sector, we ensure all our staff participate in ongoing professional training.

Personalised Care Options

We are aware that one size does not fit all. We therefore customise the care of each person in our care working closely with family and other community networks.

Industry Affiliations

We believe in good corporate governance in order to deliver a service that exceeds the expectations. To ensure we are on track, we are members of a number of industry bodies that guide how we work.


We have full Professional Liability Insurance for yours, and our protection. All teams in our network are fully covered. Any third party contractors are also required to have full PLI.